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I’ll ride my full heart [Frozen ficlet]


Rating: PG
Words: ~400
Pairing(s): femslash!Kristanna, Frohana
Summary: parallel to this piece
I’m overdue for flipping my Kristanna pieces on their gender axes

Anna speaks the most when she’s not saying anything at all. 

When she’s asleep and her breath tickles her ear, Krista swears she can hear Anna’s dreams. She talks when her shoulders tighten in fear and her fingers twitch as if they’re still cold and Krista knows exactly which nightmare she’s having. She wraps her arms around her, kisses Anna’s temple, and when her face smooths out and her hands unclench, Anna sighs and Krista knows she’s saying thank you. 

Anna speaks when she squeezes Krista’s knee reassuringly beneath the table packed with nobles and dignitaries and other high ranking men and never leaves her alone during a party. "I know you’re uncomfortable," Anna’s touch says. “Thank you for being here anyway.” (And if the way Anna’s hand teases near certain places, well…Krista knows she’ll make it up to her later.)

Anna says ‘I love you’ a thousand ways without ever opening her mouth. 

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Can’t Take the Sky

Technically written for day 3 of Frozen AU Week, “TV shows”, but I’ve been planning this piece for a lot longer, and it’s definitely going to be continued once the month is over, because I have a lot of ideas I’d love to explore.

Set in the Firefly ’verse, but I’m going to do my best, once the piece is actually up and running, to write it so that anyone one - fan or not - should be able to understand everything just fine. However, this is also crossed over with various Disney movies, because you’ll be seeing some other Disney characters from outside of Frozen pop up, and they’ll be part of the main cast, even if the emphasis will always be on Frozen characters (and while there are still many Disney characters who won’t show up, all of Frozen’s should be incorporated in some way or another). 

Rating: K

Pairing(s) for this chapter: None

Summary: On the run from government officials, Anna and Elsa, two siblings just trying to stay alive, team up with a crew of smuggling rogues and start a journey unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

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thesilentremainsofme answered your post: Question: Should I post the Firefly AU…

It could depend on how long the prologue is. Is it long enough to stand on its own, or is it only a paragraph or two?

Oh no, definitely longer than two paragraphs! It’s about 850 words, so a lot shorter than what a future chapter will be, but definitely longer than a couple of paragraphs.

But it seems like general consensus is the prologue, so I think I’ll go ahead and post it now! Thanks to all who answered!



arendellesfirstwinter replied to your post: “no1twerkslikegaston replied to your post: “Eating dinner with my…”:

"Am I missing others’ stories?" I don’t think so! I’ve written a couple too, but no others are coming to mind at the moment.

What?! Like a child in a candy store, gimme! Because I know I’ll love them as much as the others!

It’s only two pieces, really. This one, which was written at one in the morning back when Rachel first proposed the idea of femslash!Kristanna and I just kind of went “I’m gonna write it” for no actual reason (so basically be warned that it was done in all of 30 minutes), and then this one, which was someone’s birthday request.

Question: Should I post the Firefly AU prologue now or wait until I have a first chapter done as well?

I’m going to be continuing this piece after Frozen Fandom Month, but I want to put up something for AU Week - I’m just not sure if the prologue alone is enough. 

Do you think I should hold onto it and wait, and work on the first chapter now, or do you think I should go ahead and post the prologue, move on to other FFM prompts I need to catch up on, and then get a real start on the piece once July’s over?



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What is Frohana???


Frohana = Frozen Ohana, and it’s a term coined by counterpunches to refer to the post-movie family relationships between Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff—Elsa and Anna learning to be sisters again, Anna and Kristoff building a relationship, and Kristoff and Elsa becoming friends and bonding over their shares loves of ice and Anna. It’s Snow Sisters/Kristanna/Ice Bros rolled into one big snowball of family love <3


However, family does mean that no one gets left behind or forgotten! Regardless of your ship affiliation, you can use this week to celebrate any of the family relationships in the Frozen universe, be they pre-, during, or post-movie, AU or otherwise. The key element of this week is family. What does that mean to you? What does it mean to these characters that we all love? We hope that you’ll explore those questions and show us what you find!


When: July 24 - July 31th

Who can participate: Anyone who loves Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and the family relationships in Frozen!
Frohana Week is part of Frozen Month, a July-long celebration for the entire fandom linked by week-long themes, go check it out!

How can people see what I post?: the tag is #FrohanaWeek

You can also submit directly to frozenfandommonth if you prefer not to post on your own blog or you wish to participate anonymously! 

What to post: Fics! Fanmixes! Art! Headcanons! Anything you can think of! We want it and we want it all!

There are prompts to guide you through the week, but we only have a few so far so please submit more ideas to karis-the-fangirl or jennyupabove

You do not have to stick to the prompts! They’re only ideas to help get things flowing. Content does not have to relate to the prompts or other themes. 

Some prompt ideas to get started:

  1. Getting to Know You
  2. Ice Bros (and Little Sister)
  3. Misunderstandings and Miscommunications
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. Little and Broken But Still Good: Making a Family
  6. Worth Melting For 
  7. In Sickness and Health
  8. You choose!

There is no deadline!
Don’t feel pressured that the only opportunity you can post things is only for the prompts or week. The dates are just a guideline, if it’s late, that’s no problem! Better late than never. Just remember to use the #FrohanaWeek tag so other people can find your content!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact counterpunchessearlait, jennyupabove, or karis-the-fangirl for info. We absolutely would love to hear from you!

Keep your eyes peeled on the the moderators or tag for further updates and information.

Now go and start creating!